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GitHub Enterprise is the DevSecOps platform where the world builds software.

Getting started with GitHub Enterprise

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about using GitHub Enterprise—from improving software development practices to ensuring a smooth rollout for everyone in your organization. Let’s get started.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise learning video

General availability of GitHub Copilot Enterprise for GitHub Enterprise Cloud users!

Getting started: Enterprise Managed Users

Configuring GitHub Enterprise Cloud with Enterprise Managed Users will require coordination between a number of potentially different roles within your company. This guide will provide you with the high level aspects you need to be aware of to get the right people to come together to successfully configure your GitHub Enterprise environment.

GitHub Winterfest 2023

That's a wrap! Thank you for joining us at GitHub Winterfest 2023!

Introduction to GitHub Copilot

Are you curious to learn more about GitHub Copilot? Join us at this interactive introduction and find out how to take advantage of the game-changing solution.

Build like the best

Build a foundation for success on GitHub Enterprise Cloud with guidance from GitHub and industry experts from Fidelity, Philips, and more.

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Moving repositories from Bitbucket Server to GitHub

If you’re looking to make the move from Bitbucket Server to GitHub ahead of Bitbucket Server’s upcoming deprecation, we know you’ll have data you want to bring with you so your team can hit the ground running quickly. We also know that fear of migration can be a big barrier to switching to GitHub, which is why we’ve worked hard to make moving quick, low cost and painless.