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Build a foundation for success on GitHub Enterprise Cloud with guidance from GitHub and industry experts from Fidelity, Philips, and more.

Smooth scaling with governance

If your company is anything like the average enterprise, your engineering infrastructure, team, and toolset is growing! You build, run, secure, and maintain hundreds of custom web apps, and you're overwhelmed. You’re tasked with building an engineering platform that enables developers to quickly deliver innovative and secure software, but you’re dealing with growing technical debt, tool sprawl, decreased productivity, insecure code, and a slower time to market. All of which affects the bottom line.

GitHub Enterprise provides the administration and governance tools your organization needs to go from startup to Fortune 500. Build, scale, and deliver secure software, faster, by consolidating DevSecOps tooling and processes directly into your daily workflows.Spend less time managing tools and code infrastructure, and more time delivering innovation to your customers. 

This learning pathway will ensure you’re set up for success—from creating your first organization with GitHub Enterprise, to advanced administration, automation, and compliance strategies. Along the way, you’ll gain insights and best practices from experts at leading enterprises such as Fidelity, Philips, and 3M.

Jessi Moths | @rhoticity | Director, Field Services - Enterprise Products, GitHub

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Essentials guides on Administration & Governance

Explore the configurations, considerations, and concepts at the core of a successful GitHub Enterprise implementation. Get best-practice advice from GitHub’s product team and customers like Fidelity, Philips, and more.
Begin with the basics

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We chose to use GitHub Enterprise standard users because we wanted to make external collaboration as easy as possible.
Niek Palm
Niek PalmPrincipal Software Engineer // Philips

Scale with GitHub Enterprise

Dive into the foundational concepts, configurations, and decisions needed to succeed with GitHub Enterprise Cloud with guidance from GitHub’s product team alongside advice from industry experts such as Fidelity, Philips, and more.

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