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Integrating GitHub Advanced Security with third party reporting and analytics platforms

This document is intended to capture strategies for integrating and ingesting alerts from the GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) platform into external reporting, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services, and vulnerability analytics platforms.

How to transform your business in a digital world

GitHub Enterprise empowers developers with tools they already know and love, accelerates high-quality software development and secure delivery, and enhances the speed and power of innovation.

6 DevOps tips to help engineering leaders deliver software at scale

Learn how to deliver high-quality, secure software faster with six actionable DevOps tips drawn from high-performing enterprise companies.

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Learning journey: How to ship more secure software

As app production has become increasingly more common for organizations, so too have attacks from hackers who see them as alluring targets. To keep your software safe, development teams need to prioritize security, along with speed and efficiency.

Partner Readiness: What’s New with GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES)

Join us for this month’s Partner Readiness: What’s New with GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES)

A fresh approach to remediation AMER

In this Learning Journey, we’ll share lessons learned from different remediation methods and discover best practices for effective fixes and collaboration between developers and security teams.

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Meet GitHub Advanced Security

Demo Day: Automating CI/CD and Security on a single platform with GitHub Enterprise

Accelerate software development with GitHub and Azure DevOps

Designed to empower Developers with access to the tools and features they need for streamlined collaboration.

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Senior Director, Premium Support

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