GitHub Advanced Security

AppSec Happy Hour

Application Security is a journey that we are all on to make the software we build more secure while making it painless for our developers.

GitHub named a 'Major Player' in new IDC MarketScape

Read the report excerpt for recent trends in application security testing and to learn more about why GitHub was named a Major Player.

Appsec Talk - Hashicorp

How Hashicorp secures their code

Demo Day: Achieving DevSecOps with GitHub Advanced Security

Get hands-on support for the next step of your DevSecOps journey. Join us for a technical deep dive into GitHub Advanced Security with a step-by-step demo on features like code scanning and secret scanning—and a look at what this means for baking security into the developer workflow.

Adopting and scaling GitHub Advanced Security in your company

Let's talk about how you can scale and adopt GitHub Advanced Security in an automated and structured fashion

How to try GitHub Advanced Security

In this guide, you’ll learn what GitHub Advanced Security is and how it works. You'll also get a tour of one of its main features, code scanning, and how it can benefit all the teams in your organization.

Application Security 3.0

Discover how to proactively secure your software and defend against potential threats at our virtual summit, now available on demand! Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your code security and reduce risk with industry experts from 42Crunch, NowSecure, and Nucleus Security.

Copilot and GitHub Advanced security

How Copilot and GitHub Advanced security could revolutionize appsec

Meet GitHub Advanced Security

We recently participated in Black Hat USA, a cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, where we shared our developer-empowering solutions that can help organizations secure their code in minutes. Sign up below to watch the session

Securing your Azure DevOps workflow with GitHub Advanced Security

In today's fast-paced development landscape, keeping your code secure shouldn't slow you down. That's why we're thrilled to introduce GitHub Advanced Security on Azure DevOps.