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Unlock the power of GitHub for your business with expert-guided learning pathways, accompanied by insights from industry leaders. Each pathway offers prescriptive tutorials to grow expertise and optimize GitHub for your organization.

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AI-powered development with GitHub Copilot

Transform your engineering organization with GitHub Copilot. Get started by understanding how GitHub Copilot enhances productivity, how GitHub handles your company’s data, and how to streamline AI governance for a successful deployment.

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CI/CD with GitHub Actions

From building your first custom workflow to automating advanced testing strategies, this pathway will teach you how (and why) the most innovative companies in the world automate CI/CD with GitHub Actions.

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Shift left with GitHub Advanced Security

How can you protect your codebase without blocking developer productivity? You'll learn how to easily enable and customize GitHub Advanced Security's security tools.

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Administration and Governance with GitHub Enterprise

Building the right foundation is critical for long-term success. As your developer population grows, learn best-practices for administration and governance with GitHub Enterprise.

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The overwhelming majority of developers who use GitHub Copilot say it’s a valuable tool they use at least once a week, which is certainly enough to justify our investment.
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Mark Côté Director of Engineering, Developer Infrastructure
It’s easy to add tools but never check the results. By pulling everything into one place, GitHub Advanced Security makes it easy to benefit from all our different tools.
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Phil Wright-ChristieLead DevOps Engineer
We chose to use GitHub Enterprise standard users because we wanted to make external collaboration as easy as possible.
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Niek PalmPrincipal Software Engineer
With GitHub Actions, we streamlined our CI/CD workflows, reducing pipelines from 1,000 lines to just 100. This simplicity has enhanced developer happiness and productivity.
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Sanjito KurniawanSenior Platform Engineer
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GitHub Learning Pathways

Whether you’re a developer, engineering leader or GitHub administrator, there's a path for you to explore. GitHub’s Learning Pathways are self-paced tutorials designed to help you grow from beginner to expert.

Led by GitHub experts, with insights from development leaders within top engineering organizations, you’ll get step-by-step tutorials that enable you to get the most out of GitHub’s platform and deliver more value to your customers.

Start building expertise in AI-powered development, automation, application security, and administration today.

Optimize your GitHub use through expert insight

These learning pathways offer GitHub's best practices for AI-powered development, automation, security, and administration and governance, supplemented by insights from top engineers. By understanding the "how" and "why," you can optimize your GitHub use.

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