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Automation doesn’t just make software development faster. It helps teams build better, safer software and boosts job satisfaction. Modern continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes reduce human errors, ensure consistent testing, and give developers more time to focus on higher value, more satisfying work. Embracing CI/CD automation isn't just beneficial—it's vital for agility and growth.

GitHub's customers showcase that GitHub Actions is not just a tool but a powerful ally in enhancing CI/CD processes. Integrated natively in the GitHub Enterprise platform, it brings flexibility and efficiency to your developer workflow. It is designed with adaptability and extensibility at its core, ready to fit seamlessly within your existing infrastructure and to scale with you as you grow. 

Leveraging the extensive range of pre-built solutions available in the GitHub Marketplace, organizations can drastically diminish manual processes, effectively overcoming persistent bottlenecks in CI/CD workflows. But it goes beyond incremental software development life cycle improvement. It’s a vital tool in your Developer Experience culture, where developers can focus on coding and innovation rather than being bogged down by repetitive tasks and process bottlenecks.

We understand that transitioning to a new tool is never without its challenges. But you're not alone in this journey! To make things smoother, we’ve partnered with engineering teams from Amplifon, Telus, and Stack Overflow to create comprehensive guides and tutorials shaped by their insights and success implementing GitHub Actions within their CI/CD pipelines. These guides aim to offer practical advice and actionable steps to ensure your business gets the most out of GitHub Actions.

Bekah Whittle | @bekahwhittle | Director, Field Services, GitHub

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Essentials of GitHub Actions

This pathway will guide you through setting up workflows, automating testing, and secure deployment practices. It offers practical steps and best practices to streamline software development and deployment cycles.
Begin with the basics

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Intermediate guides for GitHub Actions

Build on the essentials. Now learn how to manage runner groups, create reusable workflows, analyze metrics, and implement advanced testing and deployment strategies at scale.
Continue your journey

Advanced guides for GitHub Actions

Now you’re ready to level-up! Optimize GitHub Actions for scalable, secure workflows. Learn efficient migration, implement robust security protocols, and craft custom actions.
Become the expert

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With GitHub Actions, we streamlined our CI/CD workflows, reducing pipelines from 1,000 lines to just 100. This simplicity has enhanced developer happiness and productivity.
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Sanjito KurniawanSenior Platform Engineer / HelloFresh

Automation made simple

Learn how to build, test, and deploy a simple web app using GitHub Actions. With guidance from GitHub’s product team and industry experts.

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