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Security is paramount for every organization today. But so is innovation. DevSecOps teams need tools that keep users safe without getting in developers' way and impacting time to market. Traditional security reviews can last for months, requiring developers to fix vulnerabilities in older code long after they've moved on to new projects, which disrupts their workflow and necessitates re-familiarizing themselves with past work. In other cases, security can feel like a barrier to getting things done, limiting the sorts of tools and libraries developers can bring to bear on a project. Plus, many security testing tools produce false positives that can block developers from committing their code, or condition them to ignore alerts.

GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) makes shifting left easy. It empowers DevSecOps teams to prioritize innovation and developer productivity while ensuring that security isn’t sacrificed to meet feature delivery timelines. Automated security checks run with every pull request, empowering developers to remediate problems before pushing to production. By placing alerts and, in many cases, solutions right in the development workflow, security issues can be remediated in minutes, instead of months. Tests are highly curated to minimize the risk of false positives. Additionally, GHAS gives security teams visibility into the cross-organizational security posture and supply chain, and unparalleled access to curated security intelligence from millions of developers and security researchers around the world.

In these guides, DevSecOps veterans from leading companies share their insights and best practices for getting started with GHAS and tuning it to your organization’s specific needs.

Nick Liffen | @nickliffen | Director of Field Services, Security, GitHub

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Essentials of GitHub Advanced Security

Your security journey starts with a few clicks. Learn how to automate your application security testing and remediation with GitHub Advanced Security.
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Intermediate guides to GitHub Advanced Security

Build beyond the basics and configure GitHub Advanced Security to meet the specific needs of your organization with custom configurations, third-party integrations, and more.
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Advanced guides to GitHub Advanced Security

Dive into advanced functionality, such as central management, supply chain security testing configuration, and automated software-bill-of-materials generation.
Become the expert

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It’s easy to add tools but never check the results. By pulling everything into one place, GitHub Advanced Security makes it easy to benefit from all our different tools.
Phil Wright-Christie
Phil Wright-ChristieLead DevOps Engineer // KPMG

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Learn how to unlock the power of GitHub Advanced Security to safeguard your code at every step of development.

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