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GitHub Copilot provides developers with an AI pair programmer right in their editor to help them spend less time writing boilerplate code and more time solving problems to ship software quickly.
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At Duolingo, GitHub Copilot has increased developer productivity by helping developers stay focused on solving complex business challenges.

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Providing your developers with the right tools enables them to code faster, stay in the flow longer, and focus on more satisfying work.

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What data has GitHub Copilot been trained on?

GitHub Copilot is powered by Codex, a generative pretrained AI model created by OpenAI. It has been trained on natural language text and source code from publicly available sources, including code in public repositories on GitHub.

What data does Copilot Business collect?

GitHub Copilot for Business relies on file content and additional data to work. It collects data to provide the service, some of which is then retained for further analysis and product improvements.

Copilot for Business processes data as described below:


A Prompt is the contextual information the GitHub Copilot extension sends when a user is working on a file and pauses typing, or when the user opens the Copilot pane. Copilot for Business Prompts are only transmitted in real-time. Copilot for Business does not retain Prompts. 


A Suggestion is one or more lines of proposed text returned to the GitHub Copilot extension after a Prompt is received and processed by the AI-model. Copilot for Business Suggestions are only transmitted in real-time. Copilot for Business does not retain Suggestions.

User Engagement Data

When you use GitHub Copilot it will collect User Engagement Data. This is usage information about events generated when interacting with the IDE or editor. These events include user edit actions like whether Suggestions are accepted or dismissed, and error and general usage data to identify metrics like latency and features engagement. This information may include personal data, such as pseudonymous identifiers.

How can users of GitHub Copilot Business control use of their data?

GitHub Copilot Business does not retain any Prompts or Suggestions. 

User Engagement Data (which includes pseudonymous identifiers and general usage data), is required for the use of GitHub Copilot and will continue to be collected, processed, and shared with Microsoft when you use GitHub Copilot.

Will my code be shared with other users?

No. We follow responsible practices in accordance with our Privacy Statement to ensure that neither your Prompts or Suggestions will be shared or used as suggested code for other users of GitHub Copilot.

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