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Meet GitHub Advanced Security

We recently participated in Black Hat USA, a cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, where we shared our developer-empowering solutions that can help organizations secure their code in minutes. Sign up below to watch the session

A fresh approach to remediation EMEA

In this Learning Journey, we’ll share lessons learned from different remediation methods and discover best practices for effective fixes and collaboration between developers and security teams.

Partner Readiness: GitHub Enterprise Importer (GEI)

Join us for this month’s Partner Readiness Webinar on GitHub’s Newest Release: GitHub Enterprise Importer


GitHub Product Roundtable: Codespaces

If an organization's goal is to ship faster and more securely, why should setting up an individual development environment take hours or even days?

GitHub InFocus 2022

GitHub InFocusは企業におけるソフトウェア開発のヒントをお届けするウェビナーです。2回目となる今年のInFocusでは、GitHub CEOであるThomas Dohmkeのセッションを皮切りに、セキュリティ、DevOpsそして生産性向上の3つのテーマを、4日間に渡ってお届けします。

The anatomy of a zero-day: Empower your organization to respond confidently

Join us for an exclusive roundtable with security executives. During this session (and wine tasting experience!), we’ll dig into the anatomy of a zero-day, what happens before they are disclosed, how to dissect the disclosure timeline, and how you can respond more efficiently to attacks and vulnerabilities.

German GitHub Giants 2022

After a long break, we’re getting ready to meet again—and this time in person!


What’s new with GitHub Advanced Security

Let’s talk about security

Die Open Source Community von GitHub erleben

Herzlich willkommen bei der größten Open Source Community der Welt! Mit mehr als 70 mio Usern ist GitHub.com den meisten bereits als größte Platform für die Entwicklung von Open Source Software bekannt.


Accelerate software development with GitHub and Azure DevOps

Deliver software faster and more securely by combining the practices and tools that have supported the growth of the largest developer community in the world with seamlessly integrated Azure products and services.

Partner Readiness: GitHub Actions

Join us for this month’s Partner Readiness Webinar on GitHub Actions.

GitHub Enterprise at Cornerstone OnDemand

This will be a customized presentation for Cornerstone OnDemand’s development teams, focused on our investments around developer productivity. We'll touch on how GitHub can help you better secure, automate, and collaborate across your entire business and SDLC. We will also discuss industry best practices.

GitHub Enterprise Summit〜自動車業界におけるソフトウェア開発