Copilot and GitHub Advanced security

How Copilot and GitHub Advanced security could revolutionize appsec

Developer productivity and satisfaction: How generative AI is making a difference

Increasing developer productivity starts with having tools that can help them code faster, stay in the flow, and make meaningful progress on what matters most: building great software.

Continuous Deployment Fundamentals with GitHub Actions

Maintaining code quality and reliability in the release process is no easy task. That’s why we launched Deployment Protection Rules to help you deliver high quality, secure applications with every deployment.

Get to know GitHub Enterprise Cloud

Meet GitHub Advanced Security

We recently participated in Black Hat USA, a cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas, where we shared our developer-empowering solutions that can help organizations secure their code in minutes. Sign up below to watch the session

Accelerate software development with GitHub and Azure DevOps

Deliver software faster and more securely by combining the practices and tools that have supported the growth of the largest developer community in the world with seamlessly integrated Azure products and services.

Increasing developer velocity with GitHub Enterprise

With GitHub Enterprise, you can increase developer velocity, supercharge collaboration, and secure your code by automating entire workflows.

Intro to GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot helps you spend less time creating boilerplate and repetitive code patterns, and more time on what matters: building great software.

Moving repositories from Bitbucket Server to GitHub

If you’re looking to make the move from Bitbucket Server to GitHub ahead of Bitbucket Server’s upcoming deprecation, we know you’ll have data you want to bring with you so your team can hit the ground running quickly. We also know that fear of migration can be a big barrier to switching to GitHub, which is why we’ve worked hard to make moving quick, low cost and painless.

Partner Readiness: GitHub Actions

Join us for this month’s Partner Readiness Webinar on GitHub Actions.

Securing your Azure DevOps workflow with GitHub Advanced Security

In today's fast-paced development landscape, keeping your code secure shouldn't slow you down. That's why we're thrilled to introduce GitHub Advanced Security on Azure DevOps.

Supercharge collaboration with AI-powered innersource

Innersource centers around bringing the methodologies, learnings, and collaborative spirit from open source into internal development. However, implementing effective innersource practices—by enabling internal development teams to discover, understand, and reuse existing code instead of building from scratch—is challenging.