The path toward AI customization: what you need to know


About this event

AI has revolutionized how organizations build software, and GitHub Copilot has been at the forefront of that shift. As the industry continues to change, so does how we define “customization.”

With the introduction of Copilot Enterprise—and with GitHub Copilot natively integrated into the GitHub platform—teams can accomplish even more with AI. In this webinar, we’ll shed light on what this can mean for your organization and share proactive steps you can take to help achieve your business goals with AI customization.

Join our webinar on May 8th to learn:

  • The importance of clean, consistent code for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to support knowledge discovery and collaboration
  • How to set up your knowledge base to help AI generate suggestions based on your organization’s standards and best practices
  • Where and when to consider fine-tuning


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