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Integrating GitHub Enterprise with AWS CloudTrail Lake

AWS delivers GitHub integration for AWS CloudTrail Lake that allows you to simplify and streamline the process of consolidating activity data. This integration enables enhanced visibility across environments and applications.

Integrating GitHub Advanced Security with third party reporting and analytics platforms

This document is intended to capture strategies for integrating and ingesting alerts from the GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) platform into external reporting, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services, and vulnerability analytics platforms.

Learn how a solution that empowers developers can help you secure your code in minutes

Empowering developers to build secure software faster

Learn how a solution that empowers developers can help you secure your code in minutes

How static application security testing (SAST) can keep your software secure

Discover what SAST is, why it can keep your proprietary code safe, and how to get started with SAST

How developer-first supply chain security helps you ship secure software fast

Discover why supply chain security is needed and how GitHub’s supply chain security tool can help you ship secure software quickly.

GitHub Advanced Security: 開発ワークフローに組み込まれたセキュリティ対策


Adopting and scaling GitHub Advanced Security in your company

Let's talk about how you can scale and adopt GitHub Advanced Security in an automated and structured fashion

GitHubセキュリティデモ Code scanningとCodeQL

<a href='https://docs.github.com/ja/github/getting-started-with-github/learning-about-github/about-github-advanced-security'>GitHub Advanced Security</a>でより安全なコーディングを実現できます。<br>本ウェビナーではデモを通してソフトウェア開発ワークフローにセキュリティを組み込む方法を紹介します。

Fireside Chat: Best practices for developer-first security

What happens when you prioritise security as much as speed? Join our fireside chat with industry and GitHub experts as we discuss their organisation’s security journey, and how they use GitHub Advanced Security to build securely from the first line of code.

Demo Day: Achieving DevSecOps with GitHub Advanced Security

Get hands-on support for the next step of your DevSecOps journey. Join us for a technical deep dive into GitHub Advanced Security with a step-by-step demo on features like code scanning and secret scanning—and a look at what this means for baking security into the developer workflow.

GitHub Advanced Security解决方案简介

从开源到DevOps, 不同的组织都在寻找可加速软件交付的新方法, 但仍然不得不依靠传统的安全工具。



复杂,孤立而缓慢: 3个AppSec陷阱(以及如何避免它们


복잡, 고립, 지연: 3가지 AppSec의 함정

GitHub의 코드/앱 보안 웹캐스트 시리즈에 참여하셔서, 주요 애플리케이션 보안 문제를 해결하기 위한 GitHub 솔루션 엔지니어의 실습 팁을 확인해보세요.



The complete guide to developer-first application security for government agencies

The key to the government’s ability to innovate at speed is access to secure, high-quality software. For agencies at every level, advancing your mission depends on the power of digital transformation—the ability to deliver digital experiences to constituents quickly and effectively.





GitHub Advanced security in minutes

Get to know Advanced Security

Shipping fast with a secure supply chain on GitHub

Following DevSecOps means approaching security as an ongoing part of software development—and staying up to date on the code your software depends on.