A checklist for AI-powered DevSecOps

April 30, 2024 // 1 min read


Simply bolting security tools onto a developer’s workflow can create friction, and make it difficult to detect and remediate vulnerabilities. Here’s where AI can help. In this checklist, we’ll show you where and how to integrate AI and automation into your software supply chain.

What’s inside:

  • A checklist for safeguarding your entire software supply chain—from reviewing and implementing platform security fundamentals to protecting your codebase and build system
  • Tips and resources for integrating AI and automation at specific steps in the software supply chain

Powering DevSecOps with AI and automation can help prevent developers from writing vulnerable code in the first place, generate secure code suggestions that developers can test and refine, and provide context around potential vulnerabilities—all within the developer’s typical workflow. As a result, organizations can save costs by catching and fixing vulnerabilities in the development process rather than in production or after release.


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