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Automation essentials module wrap-up

Bekah Whittle
Bekah Whittle // Director, Field Services // GitHub

Congratulations on completing this module on the essentials of GitHub Actions for CI/CD automation! Across the five guides, you've gained an understanding of how to build, test, and deploy applications using Actions and GitHub Pages. Now you're ready to start building your own custom CI/CD pipeline using existing actions.

Up next: Intermediate automation strategies with GitHub Actions

As you scale your projects, the power of automation will become increasingly evident. The next steps in your learning journey will involve diving deeper into customizing GitHub Actions for your specific needs. This will include leveraging more advanced features and integrating third-party workflows from GitHub Marketplace, as well as writing custom scripts to extend the capabilities of GitHub Actions.

In the intermediate module, we'll dive into more complex scenarios and configurations, enhancing your skills to automate at scale. By the end, you'll be better prepared to implement CI/CD pipelines that can meet the needs of any project, large or small.

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