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Intermediate workflow management and automation strategy with GitHub Actions

Bekah Whittle
Bekah Whittle // Director, Field Services // GitHub

In this module, we focus on workflow management, automation, advanced testing, and scalable deployment strategies using GitHub Actions. Our goal is to equip you with the tools needed for efficient and secure automation of your development pipeline. Applicable to both individual developers and enterprise teams, these guides offer practical advice from industry experts and best practices for effective project and deployment management.

You'll learn how to make informed decisions using job usage metrics, set up effective test matrices, and choose optimal runner sizes. These guides also emphasize securing your deployments and adhering to industry standards.

Whether you aim to troubleshoot workflows, optimize resources, or scale testing and deployment, this module provides a roadmap for achieving operational efficiency with Actions.


  • A GitHub account (some guides will be easier to follow with admin access to an organization within a GitHub Enterprise account)

  • Familiarity with GitHub's basic navigation (e.g., locating the Actions tab, opening and editing files)

  • Basic understanding of YAML files, or a willingness to learn (GitHub Actions configurations are written in YAML)

  • General knowledge of software testing and deployment concepts

Intermediate module overview

Guide 1: Provision a runner group in GitHub Actions 

Create and configure runner groups, adjust access settings for repositories and workflows, and connect specific runners to the groups to improve Actions performance.

Guide 2: Create reusable workflows in GitHub Actions

Use reusable workflows for more efficient automation. We'll cover the key elements, syntax, and steps for deployment. 

Guide 3: Manage and monitor workflows in GitHub Actions

Effectively manage and monitor workflows in Actions by rerunning failed workflows, analyzing resource usage metrics, and exploring YAML code for optimized workflow customization.

Guide 4: Advanced testing automation strategies with GitHub Actions

Use GitHub Marketplace to tailor testing solutions, leverage matrices for faster multi-system testing, define testing strategies for complex projects, and optimize runner sizes to achieve quick yet resource-efficient results.

Guide 5: Advanced automated deployment strategies with GitHub Actions

Set deployment protection rules, leverage workflow_dispatch for manual control, validate deployment parameters, and use deployment_outputs to capture essential post-deployment data. Navigate GitHub Marketplace to optimize deployments, ensuring your strategies remain adaptable and robust as your business expands.

Industry expert insight from:

Deutsche Vermögensberatung (DVAG): As a leading financial consulting firm serving 8 million people in Germany, DVAG tapped into the power of GitHub Actions to supercharge their development. The outcome has been remarkable: quicker workflows and a 95% reduction in security risks. DVAG will join us in this module to reveal how they maximized the efficiency of their CI/CD pipeline.

Itaú Unibanco: As the largest private sector bank in Brazil and a key player in Latin America, Banco Itaú faced the dual challenges of historical technical debt and a rapidly evolving financial technology landscape. Moving to GitHub Enterprise dramatically transformed their development operations. Now, their 17,000 developers experience deployment times reduced from over an hour to less than 10 minutes. In this module, Itaú will share how GitHub Actions have been pivotal in automating workflows.

Stack Overflow: As the premier Q&A platform for developers, Stack Overflow serves over 100 million users every month. By utilizing large runner groups in GitHub Actions, they've significantly simplified access management and improved workflow efficiency for their own developers. In this module, Stack Overflow will share how this feature has streamlined their CI/CD pipeline and allowed their team to focus on high-priority tasks.

Coyote Logistics: Navigating the complex world of logistics and supply chain solutions, Coyote Logistics is a key player in markets across North America and Europe. By focusing on functional clarity and flexibility in their GitHub Actions setup, they've efficiently managed workflow files and even experimented with private repositories. In this module, Coyote Logistics will share how these strategies have streamlined their CI/CD processes.

Get started provisioning a runner group in GitHub Actions.