Q&A with the experts: Measuring the impact of AI-based coding tools


Ya Gao

Ya Gao

Senior Researcher, GitHub

Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison

Senior Enterprise Advocate, GitHub

The results are in: AI is officially here to stay, and GitHub Copilot is leading the charge in the AI developer tool space. (It’s already been adopted by over 20,000 organizations and more than one million developers.)

Generative AI tools have generated a lot of excitement and even more questions: Do they actually help developers write better or more code? How do we measure their success?

In this Q&A-style webinar, you’ll hear directly from GitHub’s research expert about what tasks AI tools can help your teams accomplish and success metrics to gauge just how these tools are impacting retention, productivity, collaboration, and the overall developer experience.

Come hear from our research team about:

  • Metrics to quantify the impact of AI tools on development teams
  • Best practices for conducting proper evaluations on AI tools
  • Frameworks for understanding developer productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction

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