GitHub Roadmap Webinar, Q2


Walker Chabbott

Walker Chabbott

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, GitHub

Nicholas Liffen

Nicholas Liffen

Director, GitHub Advanced Security, GitHub

Where’s GitHub headed next? Join us for our Roadmap Webinar to find out.

In our webinar, we'll dive into impactful platform advancements, covering:

  • Scalability: How we’re making it easier for you to streamline processes, and manage your GitHub environment to accommodate your expanding projects and teams
  • AI: How we’re leveraging GitHub Copilot to boost productivity and unlock a better developer experience.
  • Security: Enhancements to security tools that will help foster higher remediation rates, and improve collaboration between developers and security teams.

You’ll leave with an understanding of what’s in the pipeline for GitHub — and how these changes will benefit you and your team. Register today and get ready for the latest insights into our platform's exciting trajectory.


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