Beyond comment driven development with GitHub Copilot X

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Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison

Senior Enterprise Advocate, GitHub

Ryan Salva

Ryan Salva

VP of Product, GitHub

GitHub Copilot, one of the most popular in the generative AI class, allows developers to write entire classes and functions with just a couple of comments. This allows developers to stay in the zone, focusing on solving the bigger problems.

But as we all know, creating software isn’t just writing code. There are tests to create, PRs to manage, CLI commands to run, and documentation to explore. How can generative AI help a developer throughout their entire process? In this video, we’ll see how GitHub Copilot can streamline your development process, and how GitHub Copilot X may be able to support you in other common development tasks.

Key takeaways:

  • What is GitHub Copilot X
  • Sign up for the Copilot X preview
  • Demo: Copilot X in Action!


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