How has security changed as organizations move from remote to hybrid work models?


Niroshan Rajadurai

Niroshan Rajadurai

Sr. Director GitHub Advanced Security, GitHub

Mike Hanley

Mike Hanley

Chief Security Officer and SVP of Engineering, GitHub

The era of hybrid work has accelerated the move toward the cloud to run day-to-day operations in global businesses.

Because of that, CISOs are more focused than ever on hybrid and cloud development systems as critical points to defend their organizations and their software products. In many cases, security teams are rapidly modernizing the security models for these systems, applying concepts like zero trust to software development and build systems, and more.

In this session, GitHub CSO and SVP of Engineering, Mike Hanley will be joined by a panel of CISO's for a security conversation focused on areas like:How security has changed as organizations move from remote to hybrid work models, and methods used to secure development systems as the software supply chain evolves in a hybrid world.How to think about zero trust in the context of securing hybrid development systems and critical strategies to secure your organization.How to build a cross-organizational incident response team and program that leads to productive communication channels to swiftly handle incidents.


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