The Total Economic Impact Of GitHub Enterprise Cloud And Advanced Security

November 21, 2022 // 1 min read


Want to learn how your organization can drive 433% ROI in just three years? Simple: with GitHub Enterprise. The Total Economic Impact™ report—a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting—demonstrates how GitHub increases developer productivity, reduces security vulnerabilities, and saves time in developer onboarding over three years.

Through four customer interviews, 147 surveys and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that GitHub has the following three-year financial impac:

  • 22% improvement in developer productivity
  • 75% improvement in time spent managing tools and code infrastructure
  • <6 months’ payback after go-live
  • 80% time saved in developer onboarding

Check out the infographic below to see all of the benefits your team can gain by using GitHub.

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