Shift sec: How to secure modern software

February 6, 2020

Dan Guido

Dan Guido

Co-Founder & CEO, Trail of Bits

Stefan Edwards

Stefan Edwards

Assurance Practice Lead, Trail of Bits

Vitor Monteiro

Vitor Monteiro

Strategic Architect, GitHub

Like speed, secure software is critical for any business. But while successful software development depends on new tools and innovation, traditional security approaches are still holding teams back.

Join us as we explore a new take on today’s software security challenges. In this two-part webcast, we’ll walk through modern software security best practices, common pitfalls to avoid—and how to get apps to customers faster and more securely.

Part one: Shifting the security mindset


  • Dan Guido, Trail of Bits, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Stefan Edwards, Trail of Bits, Assurance Practice Lead

You’ll learn:

  • Why traditional security approaches don’t work for today’s development realm
  • How automation, collaboration, and speed can help solve your software security challenges


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