Partner Tech Talk: GitHub Actions - Value Proposition


About this event

This live session is dedicated to GitHub partners to learn from our product experts.

While researching what contributes to developer velocity, McKinsey & Company found that companies that invested in the tools and culture that lead to increased developer velocity were able to outperform others in the market by 4-5x and innovate 55% faster than their competitors.

Today, developer’s have to manage increasingly complicated toolchains that support an already complicated distributed system. Unfortunately, for many developer-focused tools and platforms there is little consideration around developer experience, meaning that many of the benefits of CI/CD are supplanted with the toil of:

  • Increased tool sprawl.
  • Decreased developer efficiency.
  • Increased maintenance and overhead.

GitHub Actions simplifies CI/CD and automation so organizations can increase their developer velocity and scale without adding complexity or sacrificing security.

This live session is dedicated to GitHub partners to learn from our product experts about:

GitHub Actions : What is it and how to configure it

Personas : Who are the main personas that can benefit from GitHub Actions, and how to position it

Key Use Cases : How to position GitHub Actions with your customers using concrete examples,

The future of Developer Productivity with GitHub

Who should attend:

  • Technical profiles who want to learn how they can position, configure and demonstrate GitHub Actions.
  • Sales profiles who want to learn more about the benefits and pricing of GitHub Actions.

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