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Advanced automation strategy with GitHub Actions module wrap-up

Bekah Whittle
Bekah Whittle // Director, Field Services // GitHub

Congratulations on completing this advanced module on GitHub Actions! You've learned how to scale workflows, plan migrations, enhance security, optimize configurations, and even create your own custom actions. These skills are crucial for efficient and secure automation, whether for individual or enterprise projects. Well done!

What's next?

Your learning journey is far from over; GitHub has more pathways that can help you fortify your projects and comply with industry standards.

Security: Explore our GitHub Advanced Security pathway to deepen your understanding of features like code scanning and secret scanning and put them to use right away. This pathway is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge to get safe and stay safe.

Administration and Governance: The Administration and Governance pathway offers insights into GitHub's governance tools. Learn how to implement roles, permissions, and enterprise-level security features to ensure that your projects meet industry and organizational compliance standards.

Consider these learning pathways as your next steps to fully leverage GitHub's capabilities for your business.