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How to accelerate innovation with innersource

Not all software can be open source, but nearly any project can benefit from the collaborative processes pioneered by the open source community. Organizations around the world are accelerating their development cycles and tapping into new wells of innovation within their companies through "innersource" projects that share code and resources internally, enabling cross-team collaboration and contributions. Drawing on the experiences of companies ranging from 3M and Ford to Postmates and Spotify, this ebook explores the ways your development team can benefit from innersource best practices.

OSSの開発手法を商用SW開発で活用 <br> インナーソースのススメ


ENGIE Digital - Accélerer avec l’innersource

ENGIE est un leader mondial des énergies et des services à faible teneur en carbone. Face à l'urgence du changement climatique, son ambition est de devenir le leader mondial de la transition vers le zéro carbone ' en tant que service ' pour ses clients - en particulier les entreprises mondiales et les collectivités locales.

Best practices for a collaborative software development culture

Collaboration, transparency, and code reuse aren’t just found in open source communities.


イーライリリー・アンド・カンパニーは1876年に創業された、革新を追求する医薬品のリーディング・カンパニーです。 本セッションは、社内コラボレーションとコードの再利用を促進し、より高品質なソフトウェア開発である「インナー・ソース」というコンセプトを、イーライリリーがどのように根付かせたかについて説明します。

An introduction to innersource

Organizations worldwide are incorporating open source methodologies into the way they build and ship their own software.

Creating an innersource culture at Booz Allen Hamilton

Effective collaboration within an enterprise is critical for InnerSource success. Hear from Ki Lee of Booz Allen Hamilton as he shares how his team improved collaboration and development practices while maintaining visibility and compliance with InnerSource.