GitHub Winterfest 2023


About this event

That's a wrap! Thank you for joining us at GitHub Winterfest 2023!

The on-demand video is here. If you’re interested in experimenting with the projects presented, we made all the source code of the demos publicly available—and you can find out more in the GitHub Winterfest 2023 repository.

What was in store:

  • From code to cookies: A sweet and simple guide to GitHub Projects
    In this session, we’ll teach you how to use GitHub Projects to make your holiday baking easier and more fun. You’ll learn how to create a project board, add issues and pull requests, and move them across different stages of your baking pipeline.

  • Fast-track your season’s greetings using GitHub and AI
    Are you finding it stressful getting all those season’s greetings in the (virtual) mail? Using automation and AI on GitHub, you can accelerate the process and make sure that all your loved ones receive a beautiful AI-crafted message just in time.

  • AI-powered winter whimsy: Create a poetry generator with GitHub Copilot and Codespaces
    Explore the synergy between human imagination and AI as we build a winter-themed poetry generator using GitHub Copilot and Codespaces. Whether you’re a developer or a poetry enthusiast (or both!), we hope you’ll join us for this literary adventure.

We look forward to welcoming you again to our next event!


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