GitHub Summerfest 2024


About this event

It's a wrap! Thank you all for joining GitHub Summerfest 2024. For those who couldn't make it to the event, we got you covered! You can now re-watch the entire session below.

What was in store:

1) Take a break from vulnerabilities with code scanning autofix powered by GitHub Copilot.

In this session, Adrien will demonstrate how to make vulnerability remediation easy by embedding GitHub Copilot into your development lifecycle. Autofix is an AI-powered expansion of code scanning that provides developers with targeted recommendations to help them fix code scanning alerts in pull requests so they can avoid introducing new security vulnerabilities.

2) Ready to conquer the Paris Olympics? Summerfest welcomes you and your trusty AI coach, GitHub Copilot! We'll tag-team the Paris 2024 API to build the ultimate games plan.

In this session, Tug will show you how you can use GitHub Copilot to:

  • Score competition schedules and venue information
  • Craft an epic itinerary - like a coding ninja!
  • Dominate travel logistics with automated tasks

3) Unlock Enterprise-grade CI/CD with GitHub Actions larger runners

Explore the full potential and enhanced capabilities of GitHub Actions larger runners for enterprise-grade CI/CD. We’ll learn about static IP addresses for added security and runner groupings for efficient management. We’ll then dive into autoscaling to adjust workflow concurrency, ensuring your CI/CD pipeline keeps pace with your development needs and budget. Finally, we’ll explore the integration of Azure VNET injection for seamless and secure network connectivity from the runners to your private resources.

This event has passed