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Did you know there are now 100 million developers around the world using GitHub?

In fact, we’re the largest community of developers, generating millions of lines of open source software that can be reused by the community. That’s because GitHub, the world's leading AI-powered developer platform, is designed with developer needs in mind first, creating efficiencies with automation and providing an intuitive, universal interface for teams.

Join us at SCaLE, the largest community-run open-source and software conference in North America!

🚀 Discover GitHub Copilot: The AI Developer Tool of Choice!
GitHub Copilot is proven to increase developer productivity and supercharge the pace of software development. In fact, 55% of developers prefer Copilot, making it the go-to choice for developers worldwide. Designed by leaders in AI, GitHub Copilot lets you build with confidence, ensuring robust and efficient coding.

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Attend our sessions to learn firsthand how GitHub is transforming the developer landscape.

Code Security Reinvented: Navigating the era of AI
🗣 Xavier René-Corail, Senior Director, Security Research at GitHub

Artificial intelligence (AI) already serves as a copilot in our daily lives, acting as a digital assistant and delivering personalized experiences. Despite progress in many areas, AI has historically fallen short of improving software development practices. This changed with the introduction of AI pair programmers, which distill the collective technical know-how of the world’s developers, and their widespread adoption has been quite telling.

While the process of building software has become easier and faster, the question remains: What about more secure? In this session, we’ll demonstrate several ways developers can use AI to leverage the world's security knowledge through practical demos in GitHub Copilot. The audience will gain a deep understanding of AI capabilities, along with insights and best practices drawn from the lessons we learned as developers striving to ship secure code.

How data and research can support better policy outcomes for open source collaboration
🗣 Margaret Tucker, Policy Manager at GitHub

Open source software is the foundation of our digital infrastructure and economy, but it is too often overlooked and misunderstood by policymakers. This matters not just because governments may overlook digital infrastructure as a public good that needs to be supported, but also because policies may inadvertently endanger open source collaboration. To address this gap, there is a critical need for more data and research on the role of open source collaboration in the global economy.

In this presentation, a member of GitHub’s policy team will discuss their developer-centric policy advocacy strategy and how data and research support better policy outcomes for developers. We will provide a demo of the GitHub Innovation Graph, a new platform of metrics and data on global software development activity, and discuss how this could be used as a tool for policymakers, researchers, and journalists. Finally, we will discuss important policy developments developers should be aware of and how you can get involved.

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