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Developer-first security with GitHub

In application security, ‘shifting left’ or implementing ‘DevSecOps’ are popular concepts to find and fix vulnerabilities earlier in software development cycles. By doing so, organizations can save valuable time and money.

At GitHub, home to 100+ million developers and used by 90% of the Fortune 100, we provide native security tooling built for development teams, unlike other solutions that add friction to the development workflow. Join us to learn about how we’ve made it easier for organizations to ship secure code with speed and efficiency with developer-first solutions.

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🎤 Spotlight Speaker Session:

Speaker: Jacob DePriest

Date/Time: June 3, 1:40-2:00pm ET

Title: AI, the Software Supply Chain, and a full night’s sleep

Abstract: As attacks against the software supply chain become more advanced, we must evolve along with them. With the addition of artificial intelligence integrations into the developer toolkit, the old view of supply chain security as just one tool or standard will no longer suffice. This session will examine how AI, with other methods and systems, is magnifying our ability to secure the supply chain.

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