Embrace AI-Powered Software Development

April 3, 2024 // 1 min read


Explore the new AI-powered features of GitHub Copilot, pricing plans, and how the Copilot Trust Center answers your AI questions.

Check out the new AI enhancements of GitHub Copilot, the ultimate coding companion—and the tool loved by engineers and DevOps teams worldwide.

Get the GitHub Copilot info sheet: Embrace AI-Powered Software Development, to scope out product upgrades and pricing, and see how GitHub Copilot transforms GitHub into an AI-powered developer platform using generative AI.

Download the info sheet to explore:

  • The latest AI features and differences between GitHub Copilot Business and GitHub Copilot Enterprise.
  • The newest capabilities of GitHub Copilot Chat in IDE.
  • Pricing plans and a side-by-side feature comparison.
  • How the GitHub Copilot Trust Center helps answer questions about security, privacy, intellectual property, and product terms and conditions.


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