Containerized deployments for enterprises with GitHub Actions and Packages

November 18, 2020

Peter Murray

Peter Murray

Field Solutions Engineer, GitHub

Brent Beer

Brent Beer

Senior Solutions Engineer, GitHub

Learn how to develop and deliver applications faster with containers—the key components of today's developer and DevOps toolchain.

Software teams use containers to deploy faster and more often, but containerization of legacy applications with enterprise controls isn’t an easy task to achieve. Many enterprise organizations face security and management challenges in adapting their existing applications and processes to fully take advantage of containers and cloud-native environments.

Join Peter Murray, Field Solutions Engineer and Brent Beer, Senior Solutions Engineer at GitHub, for a GitHub Talk where you’ll learn about:

  • Upcoming GitHub features supporting cloud-native development
  • Best practices for delivering and deploying enterprise applications with containers to the cloud
  • Securely packaging and deploying an existing application with GitHub Container Registry and GitHub Actions to Azure


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