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What is GitHub Discussions? A complete guide

GitHub Discussions brings community forums right to your public or private repositories on GitHub making it easy to communicate with your community, ask and answer questions, share updates, and more. Here’s what you need to know about GitHub Discussions, best practices, and how other open source projects are using it.

Developer happiness and innovation in the enterprise

Today’s leaders drive innovation by building better developer experiences

Le guide DevSecOps pour Architecte d’entreprise

Les architectes d’entreprise ont compris depuis bien longtemps ce que les leaders DevOps découvrent tout juste : que la sécurité, et pas seulement l’exécution et la livraison, est une responsabilité partagée. Aujourd’hui, les équipes Opérations utilisent la collaboration, l’automatisation et les conteneurs afin d’accélérer la livraison de logiciels.

How GitHub Uses GitHub - Managing your projects

In this session, you'll learn how to manage projects using GitHub features like projects, milestones, labels, and assignees. While these are tools we rely on at GitHub, we realize that some project managers need tools with a few more features, so you'll also get an overview of project management solutions in GitHub Marketplace. You'll leave this webcast ready to take your Github projects to the next level.