Companies’ digital transformation with GitHub

July 14, 2020

Mariusz Kedziora

Mariusz Kedziora

CEE App Innovation Lead, Microsoft

Nabil Bouabdallah

Nabil Bouabdallah

Solutions Engineer, GitHub

Almost everything we use today is based on code. To be successful in today's ever changing environment, companies need to meet their customers' expectations, to create the best possible experience and deliver excellence when it comes to software development.

In order to give developers more freedom and help them work efficiently to align with business goals, good collaboration practices are essential to break down existing organizational silos. Companies have taken this step and are using GitHub to build more successful project teams by incorporating best practices around DevOps.

In this webinar, you have the opportunity to learn about issues and challenges faced by organisations today and see how GitHub can help develop software securely, while leveraging collaboration and quality.


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