Culture matters: How healthy teams build better software

May 7, 2019

Bas Peters

Bas Peters

Solutions Engineer, GitHub

Karl Wiegers

Karl Wiegers

Author of Software Requirements,

It’s more important than ever to build a healthy engineering culture. Healthy cultures rally developers around a common goal: shipping their best work. Your culture is key to recruiting and retaining the talent you need to ship exceptional customer experiences.

In this webcast, we invite you to join a conversation with Karl Wiegers on software engineering culture and software quality. Karl addressed these topics long before developers used GitHub. He’s the author of many books and papers written over the last 25 years, including Creating a Software Engineering Culture and Humanizing Peer Reviews.

In this interview, we’ll discuss:

  • What is a "healthy" software engineering culture
  • How can a healthy software engineering culture help you reach your company goals?
  • What are some techniques to improve the culture in your organization?


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