How to increase developer productivity

November 6, 2022 // 1 min read


In a 2022 survey, we interviewed more than 1,600 developers, security leads, and executive decision makers across organizations large and small. Despite differing responsibilities and company sizes, their number one goal was the same: developer productivity.

But how can you really measure productivity? Certainly it’s more than the number of pull requests or lines of code. After poring over case studies and speaking to experts, here’s something we do know: the enemy of productivity in all its forms is fragmentation.

While the goal might be to keep up with the ever-changing tech landscape, having large amounts of disparate tools does the opposite: slowing down developers and causing frustration while they switch between tabs, open new programs, and push through red tape with each new tool.

But fragmentation stems from more than just the pain of context switching among tools. It also comes from remote workers who don’t have the means to collaborate effectively and siloed knowledge due to fast hires and attrition. All of this leads to a poor developer experience —a challenge that reverberates throughout the business, negatively impacting goals and RoI.

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