Building Security into Enterprise CI/CD Pipelines

Want to add CI/CD governance to your application development and delivery process? In this session, learn how HashiCorp can secure and accelerate your CI/CD pipelines with the HashiCorp Cloud Platform on top of GitHub.

This demo includes a real-world release pipeline triggered from GitHub. We'll also cover CI/CD governance best practices, lessons learned, and ways to incorporate security into the end-to-end process to meet large-scale enterprise requirements.

Watch to learn:

  • How to leverage GitHub Actions with HCP Vault to easily and securely retrieve secrets stored in HCP Vault
  • The HashiCorp Cloud Operating Model and why platform teams are at the heart of CI/CD governance
  • Accelerated delivery with Terraform Cloud and GitHub Actions to initiate Terraform commands
  • CI/CD governance best practices for IaaS delivery

This session is from the Automate your CI/CD workflows with GitHub Actions event.


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