Defining DevOps: Build Your DevOps Practice on GitHub

November 6, 2022 // 1 min read


GitHub is an integrated platform that takes companies from idea to planning to production, combining a focused developer experience with powerful, fully managed development, automation, and test infrastructure.

GitHub’s comprehensive suite of tools brings the entire DevOps pipeline into a single toolset. To assist in planning, GitHub Issues and Projects provide an innovative, developer‑first approach to work management. Once the idea has been planned, developers can start working on code in an isolated development container that is identical to their co-workers with GitHub Codespaces. When the feature is ready to be reviewed, pull requests within GitHub allow developers to collaborate and receive real-time feedback. GitHub Actions is the automation platform used for CI, CD,and automating anything and everything in between. GitHub Packages is used to store, manage, and distribute software packages. To keep your code secure and secrets out of source control without disrupting developers’ flow, leverage the GitHub Advanced Security toolset. By using GitHub and its features, every stage of the DevOps pipeline can be enhanced.

As the world’s largest and most advanced development platform, GitHub helps millions of developers and companies collaborate, build, and deliver faster. And with thousands of DevOps integrations, you can build with the tools you know from day one—or discover new ones.

What's inside the eBook?

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • DevOps fundamentals
  • The DevOps pipeline description
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment concepts
  • DevOps planning, tools, and capabilities

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