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Identify and fix security issues faster—all within the developer workflow

Security issues happen, but leaving them unfixed can put a strain on your team and business. The best thing you can do is identify the issues early and fix them quickly.

Here’s how GitHub Advanced Security can help your team resolve security issues faster:

  • Code scanning: Find and fix security issues in your code before they reach production with static application security testing (SAST).
  • Secret scanning: Prevent unauthorized access and breaches by watching your repositories for known secret formats that notify you as soon as secrets are found.
  • Dependency review [Beta]: Catch vulnerable dependencies before you introduce them to your code base.
  • Security overview [Beta]: Understand the security risks in your organization and individual repositories with a centralized view of everything security.

GitHub named Leader in Best Secure Code Review Software on G2. Learn more
GitHub is a leader in Static Application Security Testing (SAST) on G2

Security Partners Our third-party integrations enable your team to use their preferred open source or commercial application security solutions without disrupting their workflow. Learn more.

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