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About this event

GitHub CTO Circle is an exclusive initiative created to cultivate a tight-knit community of startup CTOs and technology leaders. Its primary objective is to promote collaboration, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, and nurture the growth of strong best practices within early-stage and rapidly expanding startup enterprises.

Microsoft Research
Vigyan 1st floor, 9, Lavelle Road, Ashok Nagar
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
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Friday, September 8th, 2023
4pm IST

Interactive sessions

Goda Ramkumar When will I get my order? Behind the scenes of Customer journey at Swiggy The talk will provide a glimpse of ML models driving customer journey behind the scenes and deep dive into how these models come up with promising expected delivery time for the customer.

Amol Naik Let's not get penalised - Indian Privacy Law & InfoSec for Startups This talk will touch base on Indian Privacy Law i.e. Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 and will cover how information security can help reduce data breaches.

Sancheeta Kaushal Cultivating scalable tech culture - Growth-Ready CTO The presentation will delineate fundamental strategies tailored for CTOs, with a particular focus on fostering a robust tech culture during the critical 0-1 stage while preparing for the subsequent phases of 1-10 and 10-100. We will explore essential domains, spanning from technical proficiency and strategic plotting to adept communication and adaptive learning. Furthermore, I will spotlight common challenges frequently faced by novice CTOs.

Who should attend GitHub CTO circle

GitHub CTO Circle is ideal for anyone in a leadership or technology role within a startup environment, or anyone interested in the challenges and opportunities faced by CTOs in today's tech landscape. Guidelines-

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