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GitHub Advanced Security

Fix security issues
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GitHub Advanced Security is built to optimize the developer experience through automation. It helps your teams identify and fix reported security issues quickly and efficiently by integrating security into every step of the developer workflow.

See a security issue?
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Security issues happen, but leaving them unfixed can put a strain on your team and business. The best thing you can do is identify the issues early and fix them quickly.

Security that empowers developers

GitHub Advanced Security provides industry-leading capabilities natively in the developer environment. These capabilities include:

  • Code scanning: Find and fix security issues in your code before they reach production with static application security testing (SAST).
  • Secret scanning: Prevent unauthorized access and breaches by watching your repositories for known secret formats, and get notified as soon as secrets are found.
  • Supply chain security: Catch vulnerable dependencies before you introduce them to your code base with software composition analysis (SCA).
  • Security overview: Understand the security risks in your organization and individual repositories with a centralized view.

Find and fix security issues earlier with code scanning (SAST)

Code scanning examines your code for security issues as it’s being written, and integrates fixes natively into the developer workflow.

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Discover and manage hard-coded secrets

Secret scanning watches your repositories for known and custom secret formats, then notifies you as soon as secrets are found.

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Secure your supply chain with real-time intelligence


Dependency review helps your reviewers and contributors understand dependency changes and their security impact—including which dependencies were added, removed, or updated.

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Manage your security risks all in one place

Security overview provides visibility into your security posture across your codebase— helping you prioritize issues and repositories that require your attention.

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Keep using the tools you love

Third-party integrations and SARIF support provide the flexibility and freedom for your teams to use any mix of open source or commercial application security solutions—without context switching.

Your teams benefit from:

  • Security capabilities in a native user experience
  • A centralized view for triage and remediation across testing types and tools
  • Support for new and emerging technologies or open source solutions

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Better security for better experiences

GitHub’s security features help your team build and ship more efficiently. See how code scanning, secret scanning, supply chain security, and more fit into your developer workflow.

Scanning pull requests for vulnerabilities before you commit

View, fix, dismiss, or delete alerts for potential vulnerabilities or errors in your project's code.
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Setting custom security alert levels for pull request checks

Define the severities causing pull request check failure and specify scanning for specific branches.
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Using predictive dependency reviews to catch vulnerabilities

Get an easily understandable visualization of dependency changes with a rich diff on the Files Changed tab of a pull request.
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We prefer to have security that leverages what developers are already using rather than trying to force them to use some other tool. That feels interruptive and it always causes friction.

Emilio Escobar // Chief Information Security Officer

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