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Code scanning is GitHub’s native SAST tool, a developer-first approach to SAST that enables vulnerabilities to be found and remediated effortlessly before they reach production.

Here’s what GitHub code scanning can help you do:

  • Find, triage, and prioritize vulnerabilities in your code.
  • See security issues in your pull requests as part of your review process.
  • Prevent new vulnerabilities from making it to production.
  • Schedule scans for specific days and times, or trigger scans when a specific event occurs in the repository, such as a push.

GitHub named Leader in Static Application Security Testing tools (SAST) on G2. Learn more
GitHub is a leader in Static Application Security Testing (SAST) on G2

“We prefer to have security that leverages what developers are already using rather than trying to force them to use some other tool. That feels interruptive and it always causes friction.”
- Chief Security Officer, Datadog

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