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GitHub Advanced Security helps you find and fix security issues in your code earlier to scale and automate your application security.

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The state of application security today

Modern software is built on open source—free, reusable code created by a worldwide developer community. While open source helps organizations build more innovative software faster, the process of securing applications is still siloed and slow.

Vulnerabilities persist

Seventy-six percent of applications have at least one security vulnerability, and half of reported security vulnerabilities are still unresolved six months after they’re discovered.

Ways to approach application security

Security as a gate (Traditional approach)

Security teams run tests during the quality assurance phase, then deliver findings to developers in bulk before production. This can cause delays and developer friction because of late security feedback, false positives, and manual reviews.

Flow chart displaying security as a gate steps
Flow chart displaying end-to-end approach steps

Security integrated into every step (End-to-end)

"Shifting security left" means earlier feedback in development by automated testing throughout the software development lifecycle. End-to-end security still has false positives, broken integrations, and lacks collaboration with the security team.

Find and fix vulnerabilities for good

Security teams should leverage developers’ existing workflows in their preferred environment to address security risks earlier, automate vulnerability fixes, and have better security governance to build and protect applications. Designed for developers, GitHub Advanced Security makes it easy to protect your code without slowing down your team.

Secure your software lifecycle

Stay secure end-to-end with fine-grained tools for role-based access, auditing, and permissions.

Scan code as it’s created

Build securely by default with code scanning and analysis within each pull request—where your developers already work.

Resolve security issues faster

Monitor and update dependencies in minutes with automated pull requests—150% faster than industry-standard.

GitHub allows us to enable security, versus enforcing it. The sooner we can catch vulnerabilities and product issues, the better it is for the company in the long run.
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