Behind the buzzword: a closer look at collaboration on GitHub

How do developers on your team work together to build software? When you ask developers what they like most about working on GitHub many will tell you that it makes collaboration easier. But if you’re using a different version control platform than GitHub, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that means or how valuable it would be to your workflow. In this 25-minute webinar, our trainers will walk you through the basics of GitHub: how mentions, issue, project management, and automation help software development teams maintain clarity, consistency, and quality in their projects.

You’ll learn how:

  • GitHub’s development workflow adds collaboration at every step, from 💡 to 🚢
  • Code Review on GitHub improves quality without adding friction or unnecessary noise
  • GitHub’s project management tools bring ideation and organization directly into the development workflow

This webcast was originally recorded on February 13, 2017.