Open Source software is fantastic, but its use can sometimes feel dangerous. Monolithic, beautiful projects can spring up from nothing through the collective brain power of dozens of earnest collaborators. Thriving communities can share and grow, together, towards common purpose. As exciting as these projects are, there is inherent risk in developing software that relies on an external source. Small vulnerabilities can cripple projects that rely on foundations which may not be actively maintained. Luckily, security like Black Duck exists to help you identify these mistakes early.

For this integration series webcast, join GitHub Trainer Eric Hollenberry and Black Duck Technical Director Dave Meurer as they set up security features in Open Source Software in GitHub. Using Black Duck’s multi-factor open source detection capabilities, easily research open source projects, mitigate security and license compliance risks, and automatically enforce open source policies using your existing DevOps tools and processes.

This webcast was originally recorded on January 23, 2018.