Autonomous and connected cars are no longer science fiction. With advances in consumer electronics, IoT, and a global demand for more electric vehicles, software and data are the new fuel for the automotive industry. Embedded software in system control units is nothing new. However, modern, centralized CU architectures and the need for OEMs to control the driver experience, quality, and regulatory transparency mean hardware and software teams require more effective ways to collaborate.

This second webcast of the series will feature a fireside chat with industry thought leaders, exploring:

  • How a demand for services is leading the automotive industry to adapt their products, designs, and business models
  • How connected cars are driving a need for new ways of collaborating around the IP of software source code
  • How hybrid approaches mix open source licensing with proprietary licensing in cloud-based and on-premises development environments

Join us for an inside look at the shared development and open technologies that are moving the automotive industry into the future.

This webcast was originally recorded on November 14, 2017.