“…Engineers learn in order to build, whereas scientists build in order to learn.”
– Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering

Although data science is behind many successful information strategies, data scientists work differently than other IT professionals. Despite these differences, it’s more important than ever for data scientists to work seamlessly with their IT peers on data-based solutions.

Join our webcast to explore some of the ways that GitHub supports data science workflows, including:

  • How to find, re-use, and build on previous work on GitHub without duplicating efforts
  • How data scientists can work together, sharing knowledge and expertise to create better strategies, faster
  • How to leverage features, like wikis and pages, to share data science results with the larger community
  • How GitHub brings IT and data science together onto one platform

Incorporating GitHub into your data science workflow can help your team solve problems, create IT strategies, and build software, together.

This webcast was originally recorded on October 4, 2017.