To ensure consumer safety and regulatory compliance, automotive companies must maintain the integrity of their source code, while enabling their developers to collaborate more effectively on the software that drives the industry. Through protected branches, code reviews, commit signing, multi-factor authentication, and properly scoped integration, GitHub is a powerful partner in the effort to work openly and efficiently—without compromising on security. Phil Holleran, a GitHub Solutions Engineer, shows you how in this 30-minute webcast.

Join us for this step-by-step walkthrough, and you’ll learn how to:

  • Protect your organization’s GitHub accounts from unauthorized access
  • Ensure the auditability and integrity of your codebase with GPG commit signing
  • Protect your code from unintentional modification
  • Automatically notify teams and individuals when changes are proposed to specific parts of a repository
  • Create integrations with least privilege access

We’ll cover the best ways to protect the code under the hood, while maintaining the openness and collaboration that your team values.