Most engineering organizations place developers into teams like application engineering, platform engineering, web development, systems, and quality. Structuring organizations in this way can leave blind spots that exclude those best qualified to help solve a given problem. In this talk, we will discuss strategies that use open platforms and agile organizational structures to drive meaningful development outcomes through collaboration and productivity across the enterprise.

Join Greg Padak, Principal Solutions Engineer, at the DevOps Enterprise Summit to learn how organizing experts into ad-hoc teams will help:

  • Better support teams with escalation paths for common engineering issues.
  • Resolve problems more quickly by involving the experts when you need them most.
  • Get fresh perspectives, challenge assumptions, and thwart groupthink.
  • Share knowledge when problem domain experts see an issue differently than application experts.

Want to learn how GitHub and other engineering organizations apply open development workflows to building software? Watch the on-demand talk today.

This talk was originally recorded on November 7, 2016 at DevOps Enterprise Summit