Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Learn how Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment can help you ship better software, faster.

Workflow Strategies

Two of the most popular workflow strategies in use today are the GitHub Flow and the Git Flow. Learn about the differences and some of the tools available to help you manage your work on GitHub.

Managing Projects

To categorize, prioritize, and manage your work, GitHub gives you a set of flexible tools like Labels, Milestones, and Projects, as well as robust APIs which let you craft a workflow that suits your needs.

Quality Control

Incremental measures woven into each step of your workflow helps you maintain software quality without sacrificing productivity. Learn the basics of Pre-receive Hooks, Status, and Protected Branches.

Finding What You Need

GitHub keeps a searchable index of all Repositories, Issues, Pull Requests, and Wikis. Learn about the tools available to help you find what you need, fast.

Getting Insight Into Work

A GitHub project’s pulse, graphs, and branch statistics keep the focus on developers by giving you insights that help you ask the right questions, have conversations, and take thoughtful action.