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This event is at capacity. We're looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Mark your calendars: GitHub Universe is coming to India on November 19, 2022.

Watch the highlights from GitHub Universe, hear live presentations from local developers and meet the GitHub team in India!

November 19th 2022, 10am IST

Microsoft Office, MPR 1 &2, Vigyan Ground floor, 9, Lavelle Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Discover what's next for the millions of developers, enterprises, and security professionals working together across GitHub to build a better future.

Welcome and Opening Dhiraj Gyani
(Director, Education & Govt. Engagement, GitHub)
Universe: A recap
Get an overview of all the announcements and new features shipped during GitHub Universe.
Karan MV
Sr. Manager, International DevRel, GitHub
Developing on the Cloud with GitHub Codespaces
Learn more about how you can take your development to the Cloud and make open source contribution easier using GitHub Codespaces.
Karthik Rameshkumar
Director, Field Services, GitHub
Building GitHub with GitHub
GitHub builds GitHub using GitHub. Get a sneak-peek into behind the scenes of how we build GitHub, from the engineers working on it.
Rahul Kumar Sharma
Sr. Software Engineer, GitHub
State of the Octoverse 2022
Explore open source software, its impact on the world and key trends in software development, in this year's State of the Octoverse.
Karan MV
Sr. Manager, International DevRel, GitHub
Learning through GitHub
Know how you can learn software development through the power of GitHub, from a person who helps thousands of developers learn development.
Krish Naik
GitHub Star
Open mic
Building Securely with GitHub - A GitHub Security workshop
Come and learn best practises from GitHub experts on how to build securely with GitHub. This workshop will kick off with demonstrations around Software Supply Chain, Secret Scanning and Code scanning. We will then dive into Dependabot and alerts where we get our hands dirty. We will also take CodeQL Actions for a spin and also look at additonal Marketplace integrations available.
Shilpa Raghunathan
Solutions Engineer, Corporate, APAC, GitHub
Getting in on the Actions Action! - A GitHub Actions workshop
In this session, Ambily will show you why GitHub Actions is the CI/CD platform for millions of open source and enterprise developers and everyone in between. We will cover useful scenarios that will help you get your hands dirty and understand actions from the ground up.
Ambily Kavumkal Kamalasanan
Enterprise Cloud Solutions Engineer, APAC, GitHub

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