Reduce tech stack complexity with GitHub


About this event

According to a 2022 GitHub survey, the number one goal across organizations of all sizes is developer productivity(1). But in order for developers to work efficiently, both independently and within their teams, leaders need to understand the challenges caused by sprawling tech stacks. With an overwhelming number of tools, platforms, languages, and frameworks, it’s easy to introduce friction and make productivity that much harder.

Ultimately, streamlining a tech stack’s complexity will help you finish projects faster and accomplish your business goals.

Join Jon Peck, Senior Manager of Enterprise Advocacy at GitHub and Glenn Wester, Principal Solutions Engineer at GitHub, for a Fireside Chat where you’ll learn about:

The market’s top DevOps needs, including security, integrations, and more. GitHub features that support cloud-native development. Best practices for increasing collaboration and knowledge-sharing between siloed teams.

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(1) Emerald Research Group & GitHub quantitative survey, n1693, 2022.

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