Transforming application security with AI

On demand

Eric Tooley

Eric Tooley

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Supply Chain, GitHub

Daniel Shanahan

Daniel Shanahan

Principal Field Security Specialist, GitHub

From prevention to remediation, AI-assisted tooling changes everything. The future of secure software development is here. Let’s dive in.

GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) enables DevSecOps teams to prioritize innovation while maintaining robust security measures. At GitHub Universe, we explored how the AI-powered features within GHAS surface issues in the context of the development workflow, so vulnerabilities are fixed in minutes, not months. Now you can, too, during this exclusive on-demand webinar.

What to expect:

  • Discover how AI-powered features in GHAS help developers ship secure software, faster.
  • Get ahead of the revolutionary changes that are reshaping the security landscape.
  • See real-world examples of AI-powered security tools in action.


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